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About Our Products

All of our products are handmade with high quality, natural butters and oils that are designed to help hydrate, nourish and protect the skin. Fragrance oils are phthalate free and all of our essential oils are 100% pure all-natural. All body butters & oils are safe for use on entire body, including lips, hair, and face. *PRODUCTS DOES CONTAIN ALMONDS (Almond Oil)

Our whipped butters are raw shea butter based blended with coconut oil and sweet almond oil with aloe vera and vitamin E.


Shea butter is known to smooth and soften skin and increases its elasticity – healing scars, blemishes and persistent dry skin, is also known to aid in the relief of eczema and soothes diaper rash. Safe for babies (ages 3 months and up) and young children.


Use whipped shea butter as an overnight moisturizer. Apply a dime sized amount to damp face after washing. Wake up with a refreshed, dewy face!


Shea butter aids in restoring damaged hair, softens strands and nourishes the hair and scalp. For hair use:

1. As a sealant: After washing, conditioning or applying any water-based product to your hair, apply whipped butter for a powerful, light moisture sealant.

2. Curl definition: After a co-wash or deep condition apply whipped shea butter (in small sections) through wet hair.

3. Detangling: After washing and conditioning, apply oil and top with whipped shea butter. Watch your tangles fall!

4. To soften and nourish: Apply whipped shea butter to dry or damp hair to smooth and soften strands.


Finger comb through damp beard to lock in moisture and shine. Apply to razor bumps to heal and soothe.

*Warning: Please avoid extreme temperatures (such as leaving near a stove, in a hot car, or other heat sources) to avoid melting or product distortion. Naturally Yours Body Collection strives for consistency but please note that our body butters are all handmade and natural; therefore, consistency or texture can vary. This does NOT affect the performance of the product(s).

Please Note: Every order is made to order with a shelf life of approx 1 year.