Naturally Yours Body Collection

Mix n Match Mini Pack

Mix n Match Mini Pack

All Mix n Match Mini Packs include four 2oz shea|mango butter jars of your selected scents.


Classic Scents:

1. Shea Mango -- A smooth blend of Shea & Mango Butters & plant oils with NO added fragrance.

2. Baby Powder -- Fresh, reminiscent of Johnson’s Baby Powder scent.

3. Black Raspberry Vanilla -- An enticing blend of blackberries and raspberries, with middle notes of white floral greenery, and bottom notes of musk and vanilla.

4. Pink Sugar -- A fruity blend of cotton candy, lemon drops, caramel and raspberry jam on a dry down of musk’s.

5. Naked -- The tantalizing medley of apples, honeydew melon, strawberries and pears, with hints of spice.

6. Aruba Coconut -- An island blend of white musk, fresh fruits and creamy coconut.

7. Honeysuckle -- A fresh honeysuckle blend with hints of jasmine, rose, and lilac.

8. Oatmeal Milk & Honey -- A fresh aroma of Hawthorne, with nuances of creamy French Vanilla, soy milk and a base note of nutty almond.

9. Black Magic -- A magical blend of earthy sandalwood & ylang ylang, with base notes of baby powder, patchouli, and vanilla.

10. Mango Papaya -- A fruity blend of ripened mango and juicy papaya.

11. Kiss Me -- exotic fragrance with base notes of raspberry, cantaloupe, and watermelon, middle notes of jasmine and violet, and fresh top notes of grapefruit and kumquat.

12. Jamaica Me Crazy -- top notes of mandarin, Mexican lime, tangerine, and kumquat; middle and base notes of watermelon, tart green apples, cantaloupe, and honeydew melon.

13. Chanel No. 5 -- reminiscent / inspired by classic Chanel No. 5 perfume.

Aromatherapy Scents:

1. Lavender -- Calming, floral scent of Lavender. 100% Pure Lavender essential oil.

2. Jasmine Vanilla -- A blend of freshly cut jasmine flowers with a base note of rose petals and vanilla. 100% pure Vanilla and Jasmine essential oils.

3. Peppermint -- Fresh and strong minty scent. It contains 100% pure peppermint essential oil.

4. Bergamot Vanilla -- sweet light orange peel oil with a floral note; vanilla bean.

5. Vanilla Patchouli -- Sweet, sugary aroma of fresh vanilla beans complimented with an earthy aroma of true herbal patchouli.

6. Good Vibes — An uplifting, herbal floral aroma of fresh citrus top notes, floral middle notes of lavender and rose, with earthy base notes of patchouli and cedarwood.